May 17

The team that kicked the Hornet nest

20160515_16263317  members of the IOW Junior Badminton Development Squad travelled to Havant on Sunday 15th May to compete in a mixed ability open tournament hosted by the “Havant Hornets” junior badminton club. They were supported on the day by various family members, as well as Richard Gray, senior county team manager and coach and Keith Hobbins, junior development  secretary and lead coach. 31 people travelled in total.

It was a long day with the kids playing between 8 and 10 matches each depending on the numbers in their groups.

There were approx 100 competitors in total who were split into beginners, experienced club players and more experienced players, including  many who play at county level. The players in each of the groups were very well matched (well done the organisers) and all the matches were played with a very high degree of focus and determination as well as skill and athleticism.

Between them the island players won 6 individual and 2 pairs silver medals as well as exceptional performances from Oliver Clow,  who won all of his games to take individual gold and Isabelle Honnor and Lacey Gulliver who won their pairs gold.

Sam Collings, despite never having trained with the squad, paired up with another relatively new player Curtis Thompson and put on an excellent display of team work and effort to also take their  pairs gold.

Despite the very high standard of play on display the highlight of the day came after the tournament had finished. At the end of the presentation of trophies and medals a special trophy was awarded to an individual, chosen by the coaches and officials, who might not be the best player but who demonstrated the best attitude and approach to their game, showed respect and consideration to their opponents and the officials and who played with a permanent smile on their face.” I am very proud to say that the Player Of The Day Award went to another absolute beginner from the IOW, Georgia Crockett. Well done Georgia”.

Players names;

Ryan Whitewood  16.  Jack Hobbins  14.  Richo Hadibroto  13.  Aaron Scott-Roberts  13.               Oliver Clow  13.  Sam  Collings  12.  Lily Green  12.  Isabelle Honnor  12.  Lacey Gulliver  12.           Emily Clow  11.  Curtis Thompson  11.  Sarah Baggott  10.  Georgia Crockett  10.  Sam Gray  10.  Matthew  Lockhart  10.  George  Gray  8.  Joe Crockett  8.



Apr 19

Westland’s take Mallet Cup


Congratulations to Westlands, for winning the mallet cup 5-2. in this picture from the left Dan, Chris, Richard, Caroline, Ady and Charlotte :) “was a game to watch” quote from the spectates


Apr 18

Levels Tournament 2015/16

Levels Entry Form 2015-16

Apr 10

Honnors take Honours


Isobelle Honnor became the youngest ever winner of the W& D Thomas mixed doubles handicap tournament today, partnered by her elder brother, Matthew who had won the competition four seasons ago.

In the final they defeated Rob Bridges and Becky Richards 21-14 21-17.

The 18 pairs entered competed in four groups with the group winners progressing to the semi final. In the semi finals, Matthew & Isobelle defeated Brian & Chris Amy 21-19 21-16 whilst Rob & Becky defeated James Phillips and Penny Osman 21-14 15-21 21-20

Mar 04

Contact amendments

Jenny Beckingham (Cowes Secretary) has a new mobile number 07398459143. The website has been amended.

Ian Parker (BCA) will be unavailable until the autumn so contact details at BCA have been split. Please contact Paul Skinner 07999445004 re matches or Helen Foss



Mar 04

Juniors compete for 24 hours

The  IOW junior  badminton  squad  completed  a  24  hour  ‘badmintonathon’  recent;y.  Starting  at 12  noon  Saturday  13th and  finishing  12  noon  Sunday  14th.

13  squad  members  took  part  supported  by  friends,  family,  league  and  senior  county  players  and  coaches.

I  instructed  the  youngsters  to  take  it  easy  as 24  hours  was  a  long  time  to  just  stay  awake  without  exerting  high  levels  of  energy.  Obviously  this  instruction  was  completely  ignored  by  juniors  and  seniors  alike  and  every  game  from  the first  to  the  last  was  played  in  a  competitive  and  determined  to  win  manner.  Despite  this  there  was  a  permanent  queue  of  players  eager  to  get  on  court,  even  in  the  early  hours  of  Sunday  morning  when  some  of  the  older  participants, no names mentioned,   were  subject,  not  just  to  fatigue  but  also  ever  increasing  levels  of  pain,  the  court  was  never  empty  and  determination  and  enthusiasm  never  waned.

Some  players  and  family  members  had  to  leave  at  various  times  due  to  previous  arrangements  but  most  were  able  to  come  back  and  continue  their  participation. Some  players  had  to  take  the  occasional  cat  nap,  but  they  too  came  back  with  renewed  energy.

Perhaps  the  most  committed  of  these  players  was  Cleet  Holmberg  (coach  and  league  player) who,  in  the  middle  of  a  game  at  about  5am,  blinked  while  waiting  to  receive  a  serve,  couldn’t  open  his  eyes  and  only  woke  up  as  he began  to  fall to  the floor.  Despite  this  small lapse  in  concentration,  he  just  shook  his  head  and  carried  on,  what  a  hero!  He  also  tells  us  that  he  went  for  10  hours  without  defeat!  However,  as  no  one  else  was  counting  we  only  have  his  word  for  that  and,  of  course,  the  average  age  of  his  opponents  was  about  12  or  13!  Even  so,  given  his  age  and  general  condition,  still  quite  impressive.

Special  thanks  go  to  Tony  Isaacs  (IOWBA  chairman,  Freshwater  coach  and  over  70’s county  player) for  staying  the  distance  in  support  of  the  kids.  As  always,  he  was  keen  to  pass his  knowledge  and  experience  on  to  the  juniors, although  Kayliegh  Cope(16)  and  Ryan  Whitewood(16) (team  member)  seemed  a  little  reluctant  to  participate  in  Tony’s  impromptu  “drills”  session  at  4.30 in  the  morning.  I  wonder  why?

Tina  Scott-Roberts  was  there  for  the  whole  24  hours  in  support  of  her  son  Aaron.  She  also  undertook  the  role  of  matriarch,  chaperone,  and  personal  stylist  to  Kayliegh  and  Sofie  Green(16) (team  captain).  Well  done  girls,  it’s  important  to  always  keep  up  appearances.  Tina  also  got  promoted  to  chief  tea  maker  as  well  as  taking  her  turn  on  court  despite   never  playing   badminton  before.

Harry  Rann(17) (team  member  and  league  player)  arrived  mid  Saturday  afternoon  after  finishing  5th in  a  150  competitor  cross country  race.  He  then  played  through  the  night  before  leaving  to  catch  a  ferry  to  a full  day’s  work  in  the  theatre  on  the  mainland.  Great  energy  and  commitment  Harry!

My  performance  of  the  weekend  award  has  to  go  Ryan  Whitewood.  On  several  occasions  he  looked  out  on  his  feet.  On  each  occasion  he  managed  to  shake  himself  back  into  action without  taking  a  rest. He  was  ever  present  on  court  and  always  reluctant  to  come  off court  so  that others  could  take  their  turn.  Well  done  Ryan,  great  determination!

Aaron  Scott-Roberts (13) (team  member  and  Hampshire  U15  County  squad  player)  and  Jack  Hobbins (13) (team  member  and  Hampshire  U15  County  squad  player) both  completed  the  full  24  hours  with  only  a  short  break  in  the  early  hours  and  as  you  would  expect  from  these  2  talented  and  committed  players,  they  put  in  maximum  effort  in  every  game,  never  thinking  that  they  needed  to  save  some  energy  for  later.

Sofie  Green  and  her  sister  Lily (12) (team  member)  were  first  to  arrive  with  their  mum  Mel.  Sofie  left  around  tea  time  to  go  to  a  friend’s  party.  She  came  back  with  Kayliegh  at  around  10.30pm  and  they  both  stayed  and  played  to  the  end.  Lily  came  back  with  mum  and  dad, Richard (league  player) early  Sunday  morning  and  stayed  with  her  sister  until noon.

Leo  Popov (14) (team  member) went  on  a  family  holiday  Saturday  evening  but  he  and  his  dad,  Nik   put  in  a  valuable  few  hours  prior  to  their  departure.

Younger  players  who  took  part  on  both  Saturday  and  Sunday  but,  for  a  variety  of  reasons,  weren’t  able  to  stay  overnight  were,  Sam  Gray (10) (team  member) and  younger  brothers  George (7)  and  Charlie (5).  While  he  was  there  Charlie  demonstrated  a  determination  that  many  adults  would  have  difficulty  matching  and  he  left  us  in  no  doubt  about  who  he  thought  was  in  charge!  Thanks  to  Charlotte (mum) for  the  cakes,   they  were  deeelicious!  And  to  Richard (dad, senior  county  team  manager,   player  and  junior  coach)  for  always  doing  whatever  he  can  to  support  and  promote  island  badminton.

Max  Coelho (10) (team  member)  and  dad  Dan (league  player) managed  a  few  hours  on  Saturday  with  Dan  coming   back  later  and  playing  into  the  early  hours.

Lacey  Gulliver (12) (team  member)  brought  along  younger  brother  Bailey (10) as  well  as  mum Debbie  and  dad  Dougie.  They  put  in  a  long  stint  up  to  about  midnight  then  came  back  in  the  morning  and  stayed  to  the  end.

Emily  Clow (11) and  her  brother  Oliver (13) (both  team  members)  arrived  with  mum  Michelle  at  noon  on  Saturday  and  put  in  a long  session  and  arrived  back  early  Sunday  and  performed very  well  up  to  mid  day.

Sarah  Baggott (10) (team  member)  and  mum  Jo (IOWBA  social  sec.  and  league  player)  arrived  early,  stayed  late  into  the  night  and  then  came  back  early  Sunday  and  stayed  to  the  end.

Sarah  was  later  joined  by  big  sisters  Sofie  and  Lucy (both  senior  county  and  league  players)   and  grandma Penny  Osman  turned  up  to  give  her  support  and  make  it  a  full  house  for  the  Baggott/Osman  clan.

Senior  county  and  league  players  James  Phillips  and  Stuart  Isaacs  arrived  with  Sofie  and  Lucy.  All  4 arrived  late  on  Saturday  evening  after  working  all day  and  stayed  and  played  into  the  early  hours.  All  4  were  an  excellent  example  to  the  youngsters  and  gave  them  great  encouragement.  Stuart  had  a  short  break  then  came  back  in  the  morning   with  younger  brother  Jack (league  player)  and  both  stayed  until  noon.  Stuart  also,  very  generously,  paid  for  the  hire  of  the  hall.

The  family  Isaacs  presence  was  completed  by  the  arrival  of  Sally(senior  county  and  league  player)  Saturday  evening.  Unfortunately  she  wasn’t  able  to  play  due  to  an  ongoing  injury.  Despite  us  all enjoying  a  Chinese  take  away  at  around  8.30pm  and  everyone  bringing  our  own  food,  the big  pile  of  extra  goodies  brought  by  Sally  was  very  much  appreciated  and  enjoyed  by  everyone, thanks  Sally.

Neil  Cain (freshwater  club)  put  in  2  long  sessions  on  Saturday, 1  either  side  of  a  tennis  match.

Jon  Leeke (league  player)  from  “GoPuffin” driving  school  and  Jon (league  player)  and  Julie  O’Bryan (freshwater  club) from  “Coast  and  Country  Marquees”  all  joined  us  Saturday  evening  after  working  all day  and  stayed  late  into  Sunday  and  came  back  later  to  help  finish  off  the session.

Gill  Bushell  called  in  on  Sunday  morning  to  lend  her  support.  Between  them,  the  generous financial  contributions  made  by  Gill,  Jon Leeke  and  the  O’Bryan’s  were  sufficient  to  cover  all the  expenses  incurred  by  this  event,  plus  a  bit  left  over,  and  along  with  Stuarts  contribution  for  the  hall  this  means  that  all  the  money  raised  by  the   children’s  efforts  will  go  towards  the  purchase  of  equipment  and  travel  and  other  associated  costs.

Last  but  by  no  means  least  Richard  Price (league  player),  despite  a  busy day  ahead  of  him  turned  up  to  play  for  3  hours,  but  more  importantly  he  brought  his  outdoor  camping  stove  and  cooked  bacon  and  eggs  for  anyone  who  wanted  them,  which  of  course  was most  of  us.

This  is  probably  the  hardest  thing  that  most  of  those  involved  have  ever  undertaken.  But everyone  put  in  the  maximum  possible  effort  and  got  out  an  enormous  amount  of  enjoyment  and  fun,  as  well as  some  special  memories.

For  my  own  part, despite  fatigue  and  ever  increasing  pain,  I  cannot  remember  a  single  moment  when  I  wasn’t  either  smiling  or  laughing.

I  think/hope  I’ve  remembered  to  mention  everyone  who  took  part, if  not  they  know  who  they  are  and  I  will thank  them  personally  when  I  see  them.

A  massive  thank  you  goes  out  to  everyone  who  dug  into  their  pockets  in  support  of  the  children,  it  really is  very  much  appreciated.  And  if  after  reading  this  report  anyone  else  feels  they  would  like  to  contribute  towards  the  training  and  development  costs  of  these  very  talented, focussed  and  determined  young  athletes,  I  can  be  contacted  on 07821938109 or  at

The  next  fund  raising  activity  has  already  been  organised  by  Richard  Gray, Jo  Baggott  and  Penny  Osman  for  Sunday  13th March  and  I  hope  it  receives  as  much  support  as  this  one.

Kindest  regards  to  everyone  involved  in  IOW  badminton.

Keith  Hobbins.  Junior  Development  Secretary.



Feb 20

W & D Thomas Tournament

This seasons tournament is to be held on April 10th at West Wight Sports Centre.

Full details are on the attached entry form


Feb 15

24 hour Juniors?

Well Done to our juniors of the Island badminton world just completed a 24 hour badmintonathon to raise money for more equipment and transport costs

Richard Gray “5-4-3-2-1 hooray! I here the cry from Cleet. Thank god for that replies Keith. That’s it, 24 hours of non stop badminton complete. Never again!”

However it doesn’t stop there if you have a heart for the juniors or badminton and want to see the juniors thrive, then don’t hesitate to donate some funds to the IOWBA, contact treasurer on our committee tab 😀

Jan 11

ICC Over 60 2016

2016 ICC Tournament – Over 60’s

This year over 60’s successfully continued their reputation at this event – not necessarily for our badminton skills, but most certainly for enjoying the ‘social’ aspect of the weekend, along with a serious (but friendly) approach to all the matches played, even giving one or two of our opponents a bit of a scare along the way!

Having ‘messed with’ the stats, the heroes of or team were Mike West and Dot Anderson who were our highest scoring male and female players over the weekend, the rest of us mere mortals trailing quite closely behind. The captain’s results were (disappointingly) the least impressive, but I shall lay claim to “shot of the weekend”, which those who saw it must surely agree was a truly wonderful moment!

My thanks as always to a superbly easy-to-manage team, who consistently make my life as simple as possible in a role that is not relished by many – for which I remain extremely grateful.

Here’s to the continued fitness of all our players, in order that we may all complete the season in the same spirit of enjoyment with which it has begun.

Ian Parker (team captain)

Jan 01


Happy New Year Badminton People. Week commencing for the League are as follows,

Division 1

Monday 11.01.2016

Vectis A – Newport A

Wednesday 13.01.2016

Fairway A – I.O.W.Sports Club


Division 2

Thursday 14.01.2016

Freshwater B – Fairway B

Friday 15.01.2016

RydeKings B – Wroxall A


Division 3

Monday 11.01.2016

Wroxall B – Freshwater E

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