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Mallett Cup Competition Rules

(Amended 2000)

1.   The competition shall be named the “Mallett Cup”.

2.   Handicapping.

It is a handicap competition, the handicapping being worked out by the League Sub-Committee. Members of the handicapping committee will attend the semi-finals and final.

3.   Order of Play





















Pairs ABC and abc to be in order of handicap. By mutual agreement the order of play may be changed but no pair shall play more than one game in succession.

4. Position of play. Pairs will play in order of strength of handicapping. Where handicaps within a team are equal, pairs will play in the same order as they play in the league.

5. Order of play.  No pair should play more than one game in succession.

6. The Draw. The venue and opponents for each round will be drawn before the    beginning of each round.

7. A team drawn home in the competition is to give the opposing team at least ten days notice of the proposed date of the fixture.

8. The semi-finals will be played on neutral, full-sized courts. Both matches will have neutral umpires arranged by the League Subcommittee.

9. The final will be played at a venue decided by the Association Committee.

10. Subscriptions. £15-00 per team to be paid to the Treasurer before commencement of the first round proper. Non-payment will result in the defaulting team being eliminated from the competition.

11. General:

11a. The Mallett Cup being separate from the League, league team players may play for another club, provided the League Secretary is notified.

11b. Having played for one team in the competition a player may NOT play for another team.

11c. Each round must be played during the week specified on the fixture list. A match may be deferred under the provision of Rule 22, but , in that event, the rearranged match must take place during the week following the original fixture unless Rule 22 still applies.  In that event, the match shall be played during the succeeding week.

11d. If a team does not have a pair on court ready to play at 7.30pm or such time from 7.00pm onwards as may be specified in the league fixtures section of the IWCBA Handbook, they must forfeit the game of their team’s first pair.

11e. It is the responsibility of club Secretaries to notify teams and any changes to the Mallett Cup Secretary.  No pair will be allowed to play in the competition unless a handicap for that pair has been determined by the handicap committee prior to the commencement of the match.

11.f The draw will be made and clubs notified one week before teams are handicapped.  Once handicaps have been issued by the Handicap Committee, no more than one change in the composition of a team will be permissible except on the grounds

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